Free Your Voice

As a child, I lived by the rule “better to be seen than to be heard”. I grew up in a military style environment with many rules. I was programmed to believe my voice was never needed. Though this may be true, I give my voice to all here.
It seems as though everyone has something to say about everything, but many are programmed to be silent.
Not any more, no longer will I be silent and neither should you.
Each week, at the very least, I see or hear something that will consume my thoughts and words. I find myself speaking my mind with my family but dare not speak it openly. I am going to try something new. Each time I find a story or event that I must say something about, I will post it here. I openly invite others to voice their opinion freely, but respectfully as well.
My voice may not be needed, but it will be heard.

What will you say


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