About Me

I am no one special, except to my kids. I love to learn and share. Reading and writing helps me do just that. I am amazed at some of the things I hear and see. I have strong opinions and not afraid to share them, especially when it comes to politics. I work from home blogging, copywriting, proofreading, and content writing. I am also working on a Science Fiction piece.

Happy reading and writing to ALL!

Now, let’s be serious! I am a thinker. It never ends, thinking all the time. I dream all night and can even wake up angry, not remembering the dream or why I am feeling mad. That’s the problem with it all…the emotions that come with the thoughts.

Imagine being in constant thought. It’s tiring and emotionally draining.  One might think that being an analyzer would be a good thing…wrong. It would be if it wasn’t a never-ending thing.

My mind will go from one thing to the next, unless I am experiencing something serious in which case I obsess over it. I find it hard to relax and impossible to clear my mind.


Diagnosed with Melanoma during the holidays and the sickness before diagnosis has gotten me down. The new year doesn’t look very good yet. Hopefully it gets better, Lord willing!


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