I Have Something I have to Say about Drug Test!

I understand the reason for them, but I am totally against them. I have an excellent resume. I am very loyal to whom I am working for and have an enormous amount of skills. But, due to drug testing I have a dilemma and have decided that maybe honesty is the best policy.
I have over 6 years experience in customer service and over twelve years in a Ford manufacturing plant. I know what can happen when you have an alcoholic driving forklifts, seen it. I’ve seen workers doing lines of cocaine behind their machine. And, now we have heroine, in which the worker over doses in the bathroom. Everyone of these substances are out of a persons system in less than 72 hours.
Doesn’t sound like they would have trouble passing a piss test or they can easily use a cleaner or someone else’s pee. But for me, it’s not that easy. I smoke weed; yes, the forbidden weed. I laugh when I say that, it’s like the forbidden fruit or something. But nonetheless, it takes over 30 days of going without to pass a drug test. I am now three weeks without smoking the forbidden weed. Hooray, for me.
I am not the type to lie or cheat my way into a job or anything else for that matter. So, now I am on three different types of medicine to combat the issues that plague me from day to day. These prescription drugs are highly addictive and have side effects.
And furthermore, I really don’t like the, so called, victim-less crimes. In which, there is no victim. When everyone is a willing participant, how can it be a crime. They call it a crime to society, but apparently not everyone is against these actions or their wouldn’t be any participant at all.
I know many people will have their say and I don’t mind the comments. So, bring it on.


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