What I’d Rather Be

Yes, I know, the title is a bit strange, but what the hell. I have been in (what we will call) a funk. And, I find myself wondering what I would rather be. I began with, a dog. Get food, petted, and love, and not really have to work at all. But, then I thought of all the abused dogs in the world and decided no on a dog. Then I thought of a bird, but then I am afraid of heights so, that wouldn’t work.

I decided land animals would be best. In the ocean, your all a part of the food chain. Don’t want to be that. I thought maybe a squirrel because it can get anywhere and they eat nuts. That sounds fun. I definitely wouldn’t want to be a raccoon, they eat trash. Yuck!

I began thinking about the big animals, but they are all hunted for one reason or another. Maybe an ant, they’re small and don’t eat much, but then I would get stepped on. Then suddenly it came to me; the perfect pick for me….A Tree.

I would awake every spring and provide shade, a home, oxygen, and in the end, warmth.

That’s what I’d rather be…A Tree.


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