A Day in the Life of Boggledee


Hi, I’m Boggledee. Glad to meet you! I’m like most people but, like many others, I suffer from mental illness.
I have been diagnosed with manic depression and I try to be consistent with my medication. On a daily basis, I suppose it works. But, there are some days that I would rather be dead than alive.
It’s weird to have suicidal thoughts, because I know nobody can help me with it. I wouldn’t dare put this on my family and doctors seem to want to put me in a hospital or something. Like that what I want. So, I suffer through it on my own. Many of us do just that.
It’s on our low days that you actually start planning our own deaths. Not one day goes by without wondering if life would be better without me, including my kids and husband, but when things aren’t going right I will go into the planning stage. At least now, I can rest assured that my family will receive some benefits.
I only write this to release these feelings through words, NOT for attention. I know many that reads this will want to tell me to go ahead and kill myself and get it over with. Where, some will sympathize with these feelings.
To those that do not understand the struggle of being stuck within your own mind and doubting your worth, do some research before judging.
Some will wonder why I haven’t done it yet. To those, I have children that I feel still needs me.
To those that suffer from these unwanted thoughts, I pray for you. For nobody can help.
This has been short, but not sweet. Lol
Hopefully, by the next time I blog, I will have created my Boggledee character to share with everyone that happens to read this. Not saying that is very many people. I’m sure not famous or nothing!


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