Shark Products (Are They That Good?)

I have found many companies praising their brand and claiming theirs to be the BEST. How is one to know if the products are really that good? Reviews are the answer and here is my review for the Shark products.

Over the years, I have owned everything from Hoover to the Kirby. To be honest, I have went through a dozen vacuums over my lifetime. I have also owned many carpet cleaners. But never have I owned such quality until now.

Shark products are what they say they are. I now have two Shark vacuums, both working wonderfully. I love the newest one I have, the Shark Navigator Liftaway. The ability to detach the canister is incredibly helpful. The Shark steamer I have does a wonderful job on quick pick-ups and the reusable pads saves money. The Shark product I love the most is the new Shark Sonic Duo. I have owned mine for over a year and love cleaning all my floors now.

The Shark Sonic Duo is a remarkable machine that scrubs the floors for you. It does way more than any rotator brush ever could! That’s not all though, it is easy to use and maneuver. It really does all the work for you.

I feel so strongly about the Shark products that I actually stopped an elderly woman from buying a heavy ass Hoover. I’m sorry, but those carpet cleaners are heavy, hard to maneuver, and they soak your floors. I could not bare to watch her walk out of that store without showing her something better–the Shark Sonic Duo. I guarantee she has an easier time cleaning her floors.

To all out there cleaning your homes, take it from a clean-freak and buy Shark products. They are really that good.


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