A Major Writers’ Block

I haven’t wrote in quite some time. I have been down. Not with a sickness, it’s more of a sadness. An overwhelming emotion that just won’t let go. As I read new posts, I see that so many people can put their emotions into words so easily. I on the other hand, cannot. Emotions are useless at times, this I have realized. Emotions can make people act in ways, that the brain would not normally allow. Love, or is it lust, that controls most. Many people rely more on anger and react in angry ways. I am the sad one, I seem to be down and there I stay. Or so it seems. I have an emotional story to tell/write. Just can’t seen to put in on paper. I even have a science fiction novel within the walls of my mind, stuck there and wanting released. My problem is the starting. Once I get started, I’m good. Sometimes the words are there, but no way to put it down and later it is different. The words are never the same in recalling a specific thought with the perfect words. Nope, they’re gone for good. Till tomorrow a good night.


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