Boggledee’s Mid-night Babbling

I live in a world that is demanding in so many ways. I live for my children, but it seems as though they are never totally satisfied.

I long to be a star in the sky. Something beautiful, something admired.

My soul is becoming weaker, as is my will to live. Is it all worth it or will it all be forgotten with the time?

Time seems to go on forever, with or without us all. The sun will still rise every morning and the moon will cycle through it’s life, with or without any of us. However, our life would cease without the sun and moon. That shows our inferiority.

We live; we die. Time will go on forever.

I slave daily and for what? Am I even living? What is living? Is just breathing, with a beating heart considered living? 

I feel as though I am being forced to breath. For I wouldn’t be in this dreary and unforgiving life if not for my children. I fear what the future may be like for them. And, I would never want to be the cause of pain, sorrow, or blame.

I want to be there for them, but feel more like a burden. I have done anything and everything I could do, yet end nowhere. I seem to be too afraid, maybe just too tired, to be the mother they need. They deserve so much more, as does their father.

I have become dead weight. I must find something better for them. I’m tired, now I sleep.




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