Boggles Me!–How does a plane this size and this many people aboard just disappear?

I ask, how does a big-ass plane carrying 239 people just disappear with the technology today? The only scenario that actually would make sense and considers all known facts is Hijacking. It is clear that this 777 did not crash anywhere. I would think that if there were a plane to crash on land there would be some sign of it by now. There would be possibly smoke, or path, or reflection off parts of the plane, maybe a sound heard/reported. If it were to crash into the sea, I would imagine that there would be something break off and float to the surface by now and aren’t there subs and sonar being used for this.


I find it strange that it reportedly flew for hours undetected by the radar, other than a ping basically. Seems like it wanted to be undetected for what reason is the real fear here. If this was not some type of mechanical malfunction or pilot error, then it was intentional. Why would a person/persons do this and what would he/they do with all the people aboard?
The question was raised about the people with cell phones. I suppose that the plane could have crashed in an area with no cell service or maybe it was scrambled or blocked somehow. I still go back to whether this was an isolated event or if this was a trial run of some kind.
With so many possibilities and so little answers or facts of certainty, it is no surprise that the world is watching with curiosity.


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