Is Your Subconscious Mind Setting You Up for Failure?

Absolutely love the idea of this. I am sure to try this. From an abusive childhood, I have gotten to where I feel I don’t matter and will never amount to anything. I have noticed the negative way I see things and the negative words I use for myself. That will change! I hope. I have always believed that there is Power in words and thoughts, just didn’t know how to change mine. I too have been in therapy and have tried numerous meds with no good outcome. Either I go from caring and worrying about everything to carrying about NOTHING. Or the meds will upset my stomach or give me headaches. I will noticed that it really isn’t the answer and will soon quit the meds, I will quit going to therapy and I end up at the same point. But after reading this post. I will retrain my thoughts, I will have a positive attitude about myself, and I will SUCCEED! Thank you for this post.

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Image courtesy of Cellar Door Films WANA Commons Image courtesy of Cellar Door Films WANA Commons

In my last post we discussed striving to find balance and giving ourselves permission to be imperfect. This brought about some interesting discussion and I’d like to expound. I confess. Americans are notorious for “shortening” the language.

We use a lot of words as synonyms when, truth be told, they aren’t. Or we have “blanket words” which mask truth, thus prevent us from making progress in life, with relationships, our career or even ourselves.

As writers, we of all people should appreciate the power of words. We have the ability to create entire new worlds that could possibly endure hundreds or thousands of years…all by using various combinations of symbols. Words have creative and destructive power. This is true in non-fiction, fiction and in life.

When I began college, I was on scholarship to become a doctor, thus spent over three years…

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