Legalizing Marijuana in Indiana


The topic of the week, here in Indiana, is the possibility of legalizing marijuana. I’m actually surprised it has taken this long. It seems that there are an abundant uses for marijuana and can be capitalized on. What I find odd is the fact that we, as a nation, have a natural and totally organic substance on the drug list. Yet, there is not proof of danger from use of marijuana.

The real drugs, like heroin, cocaine/crack, meth and the such are chemically processed as is Lortab. All of which are highly addictive and have the potential to be lethal. Prescription medications have serious side effects and can be misused and lethal but they are legal, as is alcohol. And alcohol can be fatal for not only the user but also anyone else in their path. But all these substances are legal and distributed.

I can go as far as to say, that aspirin, taken continually can cause ulcers, stomach bleeding, cerebral micro bleeds, which could lead to stroke. Yet it is on every shelf waiting for some unsuspecting buyer that will later have some allergic reaction to the chemicals in it and die. It’s sad but true. Marijuana is as natural as dandelions; a person would have to consume more than is possible to cause death. I am assuming that previous statement due to the lack of claims in marijuana or dandelion deaths.

I have yet to hear of anyone developing liver disease or their kidneys failing due to marijuana use, but many prescription medications will cause that. The list of side effects and reactions go on and on with prescription medications. Yet, our physicians are limited to chemical based medications when there are organic solutions. For instance, my son had numerous planters warts on his feet. We went to his doctor which gave us the following choices: to have it frozen (and hope it doesn’t come back) or to have it cut out (and hope it doesn’t come back). Both choices sounded bad to my son so, I chose to go the natural route. Why not try, right? I have a natural antiseptic called dried Candela flowers. I infused some water with the petals and then had my son soak his feet in it. I then put clear fingernail polish over it to seal it. Within days, they were gone and his feet were as smooth as a baby’s but. Later, I did the same for my daughter. This method did not work for my other daughter whose wart is on her finger. I have since then, heard that eggplant on it at night for a few nights will also work. I will try this for my daughters’ finger.

Back to marijuana, my point is that this is a naturally growing substance and is absent of all the side effects other than a feeling of relaxation and munchies. So it is said. My confusion, I guess, lies in the fact that it made such a list to begin with. Nevertheless, it all boils down to CHOICES and the ability to be free to chose!

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