I Can Only Dream

Why do they call it “writer’s block”? Is it not larger than a simple block. I see it more like a wall. I wall in which you cannot see around or over. A never-ending dead end.

Writing is something I love to do. Just as much as talking, well maybe not quite as much as talking. The truth of the matter is…. I find it hard to talk or even write about certain things. The last blog I wrote was some time ago, titled “Daily Thoughts of Death”. Even hours of therapy can’t stop these thoughts so, now I shall write my way through it. At the very least, that is my goal.

My dreams are big, but my walls seem bigger.

My wish is to become a giant.

To crush these walls and to fear no more.

Can I change the way my mind thinks? Or better yet, should I? I wonder what will consume my thoughts then. Will it be the next big story? I can only dream.

What A Day


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