Job Hunting is the Worst

Job hunting is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. My kids are counting on me and bills are piling up, my water was shut off last week. I have 6 1/2 years experience in retail, 12 1/2 years in manufacturing, and one year of management. Not to mention, the 130 credits in Humanities at Indiana University East. You would think I would be able to land a job!

The amount of people applying for open positions is unreal. Either I’m qualified, but not enough experience, or I’m qualified and experienced, but an internal candidate gets the job.

Until Nafta came along, I was hard-at-work for Ford Motor Co.. Nafta opened the gates and away went our factory. I have only one question for Ford, “Are the Mexicans and Vietnamese buying your vehicles?” I used to trade my vehicle in every two years, while working my 12 years at Ford. Now, I have a P.O.S. and consider myself lucky if it leaves its parking space.


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