Finally Getting Married!

Here I am, blogging. Even though I really have nothing to say. I guess I am too caught up in my upcoming wedding. Believe it or not, my fiancée and I have been engaged for over a decade and now we are finally getting married.

There are always reasons to NOT get married, like losing tuition dollars once you say “I do”. That, and the money it takes to have a decent wedding is unreal. But now, I am five courses away from having a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and then three more for a Bachelors in Communications. Unfortunately, the government has made a new law restricting Federal Pell Grants for a limited six years now. What a BUMMER!

Being a mother of three and needing to bring in a income as well, created a treacherous road with many bumps and winding turns. It all made it harder to take classes traditionally, like I could have–fresh out of high school. Even though I have just about accomplished a life long dream, I would like to emphasize to those graduating soon–go straight to college before piling up responsibilities. It seems as though, when someone becomes responsible for many things, it becomes harder to concentrate on yourself.

I guess I am really tired and should just get rest or I will continue to babble.

Babbling is exactly what I was doing on July 31st.

Turns out we didn’t have the funds for a wedding either and to top it off, I was moving at the time. So, the “Blue Moon” came and went with no wedding for me. We are now shooting for the Blue Moon of August in 2013.

Wish me LUCK!!


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